Why I Volunteer – Lino Nadalin

lino2I worked as a welder at Canfor for 38 years.  I wasn’t really interested in retirement because I was concerned about having too much time on my hands once I retired.  I had a few hobbies but nothing that would keep me busy week after week.

My wife took care of everything!  She introduced me to volunteer work at the Elder Citizens Recreation Centre.  It is hard to believe but I am now one of those seniors myself.  One of the many things I do is help set up tables and chairs and then take them all down again when the event is over.  My main volunteer project is the frozen cookie dough and pastry dough fund raising project.  Along with our crew of 30 volunteers we annually make just over 3,000 pounds of cookie dough.  We make it and then we package it and get it into the freezers just as fast as we can.

My best volunteer moment is when a project comes together and everyone working on the project is proud of what we just did as a team.  We have fun and we work together so that we can all have and enjoy a great senior’s recreation centre.  Being included and being a part of a team is always a great reason to look forward to another day. I am actually enjoying my retirement more than I ever thought I would.  I should have retired sooner!