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General Description
Volunteer Overview:
An emergency shelter for women or women with children. Providing shelter & safety, shared accommodation, counseling for children age 3 to 18 who have been exposed to domestic violence.
Required Qualifications/Certifications:
Some qualifications may be required [depending on position], Criminal Records Check, First-Aid Certificate, FoodSafe
Application Process:
Application Required, References Required
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Volunteer Overview:
Participants in the emergency disaster training will learn about:
-Why is The Salvation Army involved in Emergency Disaster Services
-How do we provide assistance to our communities in British Columbia
-Emergency preparedness tools that can aid in response and recovery
-The roles that The Salvation Army and other community organizations play in response to recovery
-The importance of collaboration
-Incident command services that may already exist or can be established
Required Qualifications/Certifications:
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Application Process:
Registration Required