Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our team!
Volunteers are a vital component of Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum (CBCRFM).

CBCRFM relies heavily on volunteers to successfully achieve goals and milestones and we often look at our community members to assist where and when they can.

Volunteers are our steam!

Depending on your interests and the amount of time you can spare, there are a variety of ways you can help:

Giftshop / Information
Special Events
Minirail Train Engineer/Conductor and many more!

Volunteers from all backgrounds and age groups are welcome and anyone may apply to become a volunteer.

Please be advised that all volunteers have to do a criminal record check prior to commencing any activities at or for CBCRFM. Criminal record checks are free for volunteers and must be renewed every three (3) years.

Contact us today or download the application from our website www.pgrfm.bc.ca!

Heritage Commission

Promoting community heritage partnerships, better heritage conservation & awareness.

Huble Homestead/Giscome Portage Heritage Society

Huble Homestead Historic Site is located 40km north of Prince George, just off Highway 97 on Mitchell Road.  Most of our volunteer opportunities will be here.

Our administrations office is located at #202-1685 3rd Avenue Prince George.

Yalenka Ukrainian Dancers Society

We aim to preserve our Ukrainian Heritage by providing Ukrainian dance, language, and cultural classes. Special events include Ukrainian New Year’s Dinner & Dance, a Year-end Concert, and a Food Booth at Canada Day.


Call for assistance/training opportunity!

Your favorite community theatre group has been working hard to pull together awesome shows for you all to act in or watch and we are looking for a little help. Behind the scenes of every show there is a hard-working production team; directors, stage managers, technical directors and more! We are looking for anyone with experience in these roles or who would like to learn to do these roles to put their hand up to assist in our upcoming productions.

If you are interested, or may be interested please message the Nechako Community Theatrics Society Facebook page and we can arrange to get together to discuss. A basic outline of the roles is below, though the production team members do generally work together on many of these areas.

We have the lead roles filled for the upcoming production but are interested in people who would like to join the team as assistants with a view toward taking the lead in a future show. Or if you would be interested in a future show, but not this time around, send us a message too and we can keep you in mind for next time.

Director: The director is the major visionary behind the play. They are responsible for casting actors, providing feedback to help actors reach full potential in their roles, running rehearsals, setting the feel of the production, ensuring the technical and artistic aspects of the show are all pulled together and running production meetings. On an organisational side, they are the main point of contact for actors, set the rehearsal schedule and ensure acting is keeping up with requirements.

Stage Manager: The Stage Manager is responsible for designing the stage layout and ensuring everything – set, props, actors- are in the right place at the right time. Throughout the rehearsal process they assist in providing feedback to actors, often focusing on blocking and lines, making notes on where people should be and when. During the performances the SM runs the backstage, ensuring set changes happen, props are available and actors are where they should be.They also provide support to cast and crew where needed, usually carrying a “kit that has everything”.

Technical Director: The Technical director designs the lighting and sound effects for the play, ensuring actors can be seen and heard when they are meant to be and vice versa.

They program the equipment and set up the stage and equipment at the venue.The technical director, or their trained assistant will generally run the lights and sounds for the performance. They also assist in setting up the technical aspects of the script – cues, scene breaks, stage design and provide feedback to the actors and production team.