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Organization Name:
Listing Type:
Volunteer Position
Volunteer Description:


 Provide a suitable environment that meets the animal’s needs
 Ensure the animal’s 5 freedoms are met including providing food and water
 Spend quality time with foster animals daily by providing enrichment activities, play, grooming/petting, and exercise
 Ensure other animals in the home have up-to-date vaccinations, can live comfortably with other animals, and can be isolated from the foster animal
 Submit weekly care reports to the Branch Manager or designate and communicate urgently when an animal requires veterinary attention
 Adhere to BC SPCA policies

Skills required:

 Dependable & committed
 Previous experience caring for injured/ill animals preferred
 Ability to transport to/from the shelter and/or veterinarian as needed
 Excellent communication skills

Time Commitment:

 At least 6 months
 2 hours per day focused time with the animal(s), may require more depending on circumstances

What we hope you’ll gain from your volunteer experience:

 The intrinsic reward of making a difference in an animals’ life by caring for them as they transition into their forever homes
 Quality time with animals who need your support
 Evidence-based knowledge about animal welfare & behaviour

Primary Contact(s):
Alana Haynes
Phone Number:
Contact Email:
4011 Lansdowne Road
Required Qualifications/Certifications:
Some qualifications may be required [depending on position], Training Provided
Application Process:
Registration Required, Application Required

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