They are in need of a few more volunteers for the role of parade leader, either full days or half days. They operate 7 days a week, 11:00am – 7:30pm and hours vary depending on the days parade requests.

The role involves being at each parade meetup location 15 minutes prior to help organize volunteers and answer questions of any friends or family attending. Ensuring good social distancing while decorating , and then leading the parade at the designated time to the address and then back to the meetup location.

If you can take on a some parade leading on any given day, or for more information, please send admin a message on their facebook page here

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  • To be treated as a co-worker
  • To be given a suitable assignment
  • To know as much about the organization as possible
  • To receive training for the position
  • To have regular evaluations of their performance
  • To be given sound guidance and direction
  • To be given opportunities for promotion and a variety of experience
  • To be heard and be recognized
  • To work in a healthy, safe and respectful environment

Did you know?

  • 44% of people age 15 and up in Canada volunteer 2 billion hours per year.
  • The highest rate of volunteering is those age 15-19 at 66%¬†giving 110 hours/yr.
  • The most hours given is by those age 55+ contributing 39% of all volunteer hours at 200+ hours/yr.

*This is according to the latest Canada Survey on Giving, Volunteering & Participating conducted by Statistics Canada in 2013.