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The Northern BC Crisis Centre is looking for Board Members. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Sandra Boulianne Direct Line:  250-564-9658 or Email:  executive.director@crisis-centre.ca






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  • To be treated as a co-worker
  • To be given a suitable assignment
  • To know as much about the organization as possible
  • To receive training for the position
  • To have regular evaluations of their performance
  • To be given sound guidance and direction
  • To be given opportunities for promotion and a variety of experience
  • To be heard and be recognized
  • To work in a healthy, safe and respectful environment

Did you know?

  • 44% of people age 15 and up in Canada volunteer 2 billion hours per year.
  • The highest rate of volunteering is those age 15-19 at 66% giving 110 hours/yr.
  • The most hours given is by those age 55+ contributing 39% of all volunteer hours at 200+ hours/yr.

*This is according to the latest Canada Survey on Giving, Volunteering & Participating conducted by Statistics Canada in 2013.