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Volunteer 150 Challenge


Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge #volunteer150challenge

Volunteer Prince George would like to invite all residents of Prince George to participate in the Challenge, give as many hours as they can to meet the 150 hour milestone, give back to the community in celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary and make our city proud. Whether it is volunteering for a non-profit organization or informal volunteering that contributes to our community, be part of the 150 for 150 Volunteer movement!

Click here to register for the Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge!

This initiative is made possible by the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, a collaboration between the Prince George Community Foundation, the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast, including the City of Prince George.


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National Recognition

Those who have contributed the most hours in each province and territory will be invited to Ottawa to be recognized in a ceremony in early 2018. Special recognition will be awarded to “New Canadian 150 for 150 Volunteer”, “Aboriginal 150 for 150 Volunteer”, “Youth 150 for 150 Volunteer” and “Senior 150 for 150 Volunteer”.

For more information on the 150 Volunteer Challenge please follow link below                                  https://volunteer150for150.ca/