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Celebrate Volunteers


The City of Prince George is accepting nominations for its Volunteer Recognition Awards for 2018. This year, the Community Champion Award will recognize an individual who facilitated volunteerism and helped to organize others to take positive, coordinated action in Prince George during last summer’s Cariboo Wildfires.

The Volunteer Recognition Awards are handed out once a year at the annual Civic Appreciation Dinner to volunteers who have gone above and beyond in the service of the community. The event, which is hosted by the Mayor and Council, will be held at the Prince George Conference and Civic Centre on Friday, May 4, 2018.

The City of Prince George honours citizens each year with the following Volunteer Recognition Awards:

· Recreation & Culture Award – Recognition of individuals who have contributed or are still contributing significantly to the development of recreation or culture in Prince George in disciplines such as recreation, sport, culture, visual arts, and performing arts for a minimum of five years.
· Community Service Award – Recognition of individuals who have contributed or are still contributing significantly to the development of Community Services in Prince George for a minimum of five years. A community service is defined as a service which aids people in need and positively affects portions of the community. (Examples: support groups, services for the disabled, counseling groups, and food banks).
· Outstanding Volunteer Award – Recognition of individuals who are outstanding volunteers. They have contributed or are still contributing to the development of the community of Prince George by volunteering their time to a number of organizations, groups, or disciplines. These volunteers have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have provided exemplary volunteer service. They must have volunteered for a minimum of 15 years in various organizations, groups, or disciplines.
· Youth of the Year Award – Recognition of youth attending school in Prince George and between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. The individual must have shown school involvement (including average or above average academic standing, extracurricular activities, and volunteer committees) and must have made significant contributions in the community (outside of school) through volunteering.
· Community Champion Award – Recognition of an individual or group whose exceptional volunteerism promoted positive action in the reception of thousands of evacuees in Prince George during the Cariboo wildfires. Examples may include: direct interactions with evacuees, delivery of programs, services or events, care of animals, innovation or provision of services to support evacuees during or after their evacuation.

The nomination deadline has been extended and residents have until 5:00pm on April 11, 2018 to fill out the nomination form, which can now be found on the City website. Here is a quick link to the nomination form:










National Recognition

Those who have contributed the most hours in each province and territory will be invited to Ottawa to be recognized in a ceremony in early 2018. Special recognition will be awarded to “New Canadian 150 for 150 Volunteer”, “Aboriginal 150 for 150 Volunteer”, “Youth 150 for 150 Volunteer” and “Senior 150 for 150 Volunteer”.

For more information on the 150 Volunteer Challenge please follow link below                                  https://volunteer150for150.ca/